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Laminate Flooring

Laminate is a recent development in the flooring industry , introduced in the U.S. 1996 . The laminate surface is typically performed in an extremely wear resistant aluminum oxide with a printed photograph adhered to the surface that gives the look of hardwood. The core of the blade is usually wood fiber blade. This construction allows the laminate flooring looks beautiful , while being affordable and durable.

Top reasons to buy Laminate :

It’s cheap . Laminates tend to be about a quarter of the cost of hardwood and is about ½ the cost of the tile. Of course, these percentages can be quite different based on the style of laminate as well as the types of wood floors or tile floors that are compared . however, laminate flooring is almost always less expensive than its two counterparts!

Durability . While laminate flooring is not indestructible , it is very durable. It can support things like having plates or glass without breaking it down ensima . Most tile floors would break if a heavy object falling itself , but laminate floors are more tolerant of these problems.

Resistant to fading and staining. Most laminate flooring is resistant to fading . What this means is that after years of wear , better support contrasting hardwood in terms of loss of color.

Easy to install . Laminates are very easy to install, especially when compared to wood or tile floors . Most laminate flooring is a type of lock and slot just slips like a puzzle. Laminate flooring can be installed by homeowners , even with relatively little experience in flooring installation .

Versatility . Laminate flooring can be installed in all types of sub – floors. What this means is that the laminate floors can be installed over concrete, wood
sub – floors or existing floors. Because laminate flooring is floating on top of the subfloor , it has many uses.

Realistic look. Laminate flooring is created to appear a lot of other flooring products . While it may be that very few people can Obetener a rare wood or stone floors , many styles of laminate floors are created with the same look in mind at an affordable price.

Replaceable. In the event that the owners want to change the flooring in your home later , laminate flooring offers ease when replacing it. Since that did not adhere to the way the subfloor tile or hardwood floors , laminate flooring is easy to remove and replace at a later date .

shock and impact resistant . Laminate flooring is impact resistant and also resists dents . Tile floors are broken on impact and wooden floors tend to choose shock on impact. Laminate floors are resistant to both!

Easy to clean . Floating platform requires no varnish or stain, and wood floors. Laminate flooring is easier to clean than tile , because it has no grooves and grout lines that have tiled floors. Most often , laminate flooring can be cleaned off and sometimes should be mopped with a damp mop then dry towel.